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Monday, July 25, 2005

Preserving the Essence of Napa Valley

What is Napa Valley? What does the brand mean to those who can drive here - versus those who have to travel here by plane or other methods.

On Tuesday July 26th the NVCVB in cooperation with the NVEDC will be presenting a Program of Work that will support a Destination Strategy for Napa County, to the County Board of Supervisors. I plan to attend and will report back to the blog.

Is anyone going? Did you go and what did you think?


Blogger Don Huffman said...

Ok so I went to the conference at the Lincoln Theater in Yountville. There were about 80-100 people in attendance. With this program being sponsored by the NVEDC and the NVCVB, many of the attendees were members of one or both of these organizations.

I was impressed by the professionalism of the presenter, Duane Knapp, president of Brandstrategy®, Inc. The presentation was brief - powerpoints with a couple speakers - but it set the tone for the future meetings. I asked only one question: Will there be a point in your process where we as a group can identify and capture the written AND visual vocabulary of the Napa Valley Destination Brand? Mr. Knapp said absolutely! It's part of the process, along with the Brand Assessment; Brand Science Clinic; and the final Brand Promise.

We all know there is more to this process then having meetings and feeling good about what you discover as a team. The challenge will be to find funding, find buy-in from our neighbors and the make a difference. This is a good start and we'll discuss this topic again I am sure.

8:51 AM

Blogger Matt Brewster said...

I was at the Marketing Meeting and was glad to see another effort in bringing the valley into focus. I hope we dont have to lose too much more money to other areas as well as our current guests before everyone gets involved. I do realize that there are a tremendous amount of egos here in the valley and am surprised that losses in revenues and flattening of revenues have not forced this issue earlier...but then again, why are we not surprised.

As beautiful as this valley is, one suggestion that is most striking to me was about the entrance to the Valley. I've worked and marketed in 15 other tourism cities and 2 other countries, but Napa simply has the ugliest Entry and Welcome of all the places I've been. It is a true shame that there are funding problems that have restricted growth. It is a true shame too that this has been done serval times already. I just hope for the future that as a community and as a county, we dont drop the ball...Again.

Matt Brewster

4:52 PM

Blogger Don Huffman said...


I could not agree with you more. Today there is a new car dealership being planned for Soscal Auto Row and it looks like an Ihop. It's the new Jimmy Vasser Toyota.

Not just the signs and the roads, the visual integrity of the area is at risk day-in day-out. Thanks for your comments.

5:09 PM


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