Branding discussions, audience capture, real-life experiences working with the media, managing a designer, public relations for dummies, the wine business, smoke and mirrors and more. Marketing in the North Bay hopes to deal with all of these issues.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Welcome the first posting of “Marketing in the North Bay”. My hope is that this blog answers the basic questions, which frequently come up regarding marketing in the North Bay. Issues for example: Public Relations, Web Design, Graphic Design and even capturing the illusive, transient consumer of the North Bay.

First you have to understand that in the North Bay there are several types of consumers and each has their own way of engaging businesses. Not everyone is going to listen to the radio, read a newspaper, commute to work, watch TV, play video games, live in the secluded hills nor even listen to Pod-casts. So, a little homework is the best thing you can do.

Anyway, let’s discus the basics on this blog. Let’s talk about the audience. Let’s talk about branding or getting a little PR attention. There are so many experts in this region from free-lance journalist, designers to hard-core marketing people in the North Bay, let’s bring it!


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